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Terms and conditions of hire

1. TIER Fun Casino Hire inform all hirers of the key points of the Gambling Act (2005) in our information pack. Specifically that our casinos cannot be used for private gain under ANY circumstances. If you are in any doubt in relation to the legality of a fun casino please seek independent legal advice.

2. We are a FUN casino and as such do not accept real money or its equivalent at the gaming tables, only our supplied "fun money" tickets.

3. We have your assurance that any profit from the casino, if hired for a charity fundraiser, after your reasonable expenses are taken into account which can include the provision of entertainment and prizes, will be given to the allocated charity/good cause.

4. The order form and signed copy of the T&C's must be completed, checked, signed and returned to TIER prior to the event taking place. If the order form is completed online then clicking the "confirm order" button means that you agree in full to these Terms and Conditions.

5. Order forms submitted online are passed on to TIER via www.emailmeform.com. The order form asks for very limited information, and none that could be deemed as "sensitive".

6. The information you supply to TIER is for our eyes only and is not passed on to any 3rd party for marketing purposes. 

7. Any receipts, invoices, literature etc will be made out to the hirer as stated on the order form unless otherwise instructed. 

8. A minimum 10% deposit is required to secure your booking upon confirmation of the event unless otherwise agreed, by cash, company/personal/cashiers cheque, bankers draft, PayPal, or if agreed, BACS transfer. Until the 10% deposit is received the date is still officially open to other enquirers. 

9. The 10% deposit is non-refundable (the only exception being point 16). If a greater sum than 10% was paid upon booking the difference will be refunded upon cancellation of the event. 

10. The balance can be paid by:
a) company/personal/cashiers cheque or bankers draft at least 14 working days prior to the event taking place. 
b) cash on the day of the event taking place, PRIOR to the event commencing. 
c) PayPal via our website, www.tierfuncasino.co.uk (charges apply) 
d) if agreed by BACS transfer, with funds clearing PRIOR to the event commencing. 

11. A charge of 3.6% will be added to your final invoice if you wish to pay by PayPal (Total cost of event minus 10% deposit paid). No charge will be made if you wish to pay your 10% deposit by PayPal. 

12. If payment is made via PayPal, you are sharing your bank account details with PayPal and not TIER. TIER has no access to your account details and as such will never ask you for them. 

13. Cheques should be made payable to CARL RUDKIN. 

14. Travelling costs apply to any event held outside a 30mile travel distance of our base area, SS2 5AR. 70p per full mile will be charged on journeys up to 100 miles. 95p per full mile will be charged on journeys in excess of 100 miles. Mileage will be calculated using AA route planner, www.theaa.com/travelwatch/planner_main.jsp , rounded down to the nearest full mile. This is charged one-way only. 

15. If payment is not made before commencement of any event, TIER reserves the right to refuse to carry out the event. 

16. In the unlikely event TIER cancel an event due to unforeseen circumstances we will refund the deposit and any monies paid or an alternative date will be arranged with a 50% discount. 

17. All named hirers will be responsible for any payments due to any damages made to the gaming equipment above normal day-to-day wear and tear resulting from any guests attending the event. The named hirer will be responsible for obtaining any monies necessary for the replacement/repair to be charged at R.R.P+ any P&P. 

18. We are obliged to stop gaming at any time, and possibly leave, during any event due to any threatening/violent behaviour on the premises or towards our staff with no refund given. 

19. Events will not normally be held at private residences unless it is undoubtedly clear it will fall within the Gambling Act (2005) i.e. no proceeds (if the casino is used as such) raised from the event are used for private gain. 

20. TIER will not finish any later than 12:00am (midnight). 

21. Prices stated for 2, 2 ½ or 3 hour events are for continuous hours of gaming. 

22. Events in excess of 3 hours will incur a 15 minute midgaming break at the stated prices. 

23. Any event for less than 2 hours still incurs the same charge as stated on the price list for 2 hours. 

24. Special offers or promotions apply only on a minimum 2 table order and do not apply to events held in December unless specifically stated. 

25. TIER cannot and will not be responsible for the delay of the start of an event due to the congestion of any road. There are many reasons for congestion but we ensure every possible source is used both prior to and during the journey to ensure as clear a route as possible. We always leave in plenty of time and more often than not turn up early. In the case of a delay we will keep the contact named on your order form informed. 

26. Adequate lighting MUST be available above or around the gaming table(s) to ensure the players can distinguish the colours of the chips and value of cards. If lighting is not available we can bring our own lights but each table would then need to be located close to a power socket. 

27. The start time you quote on the order form can be amended anytime up to 24 hours in advance of the event. After this time plans are fully in place for the event date which can include some tight schedules. Whilst every effort is made to accommodate time amendment requests on the day please be aware that it is not always possible.

28. Once the gaming time has finished we will add up everyone's chips to establish the winner/s. Once this has been done we will start the dismantle and removal of the equipment immediately unless you pay for waiting time for us to dismantle our equipment at a later agreed time. This will be done quietly and efficiently and to cause minimal disruption to your guests. 

29. On events that are equipment only (no croupiers) the named hirer is solely and explicitly responsible for ensuring the equipment is well respected, looked after and if kept overnight is locked away and safe. No smoking, drinking or eating is permitted at the tables. Please refer to point 17.


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